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prime benefits

prime reading

This is different from kindle unlimited. Prime reading is free for Prime members. Kindle unlimited is open to everyone but costs $9.99 per month.


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  • Alexa - huge success; sold ~100m units as of 2019-Jan (including third party devices with Alexa embedded)
  • Fire tablet - limited success
  • Fire Phone - failed

useless apps in app store

  • CBS All Access - everything requires a purchase. Wanted to watch Big Bang Theory. But you need to pay for it.

Prime Video

movies watched on prime

Direct link
To go from website -> Account & Lists -> "Your Prime Video" -> Menu -> Settings -> Watch history -> View Watch History

You can also use something like to show from 5th item to 15th item. Change maxItem and minItem as per your needs.


my reviews -> Account & Lists -> Your Account -> Your Account -> Ordering and shopping preferences -> Your Amazon profile

sort books by number of reviews

  • Add &s=review-count-rank to the url


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