Apple shopping guide

From raju

A guide to apple flavors and uses

Apple type Flavor use
Acey Mac Sweet, tart and juicy eating and sauces
Cameo Sweet and tart; crunchy and firm texture eating and dessserts
Cortland Sweet with a hint of tartness salads, eating, baking, sauces
Empire Sweet and tart together eating, salads and baking
Fuji Sweet, juicy, very crisp eating
Gala Sweet and juicy eating and salads
Golden Delicious Mildly sweet and juicy eating and salads
Granny Smith Tart flavor with a subtle sweetness cooking
Honeycrisp Sweet and crisp eating and salads
Jonagold Honey sweet, slightly tart, very juicy eating, salads, sauces and baking
Macoun Extra sweet meets mild and tart eating and pies
McIntosh Sweet and juicy with a tart tang eating and baking
Red Delicious
zestar Crisp and juicy eating


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