Baby notes

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Simple Soothers

  • Offer a binky - Pacifiers can satisfy baby's natural sucking reflex and research shows that using them may help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Make some noise - Your baby got used to hearing background noises in the womb, so the sound of a fan or a radio on low volume may comfort him.
  • Move it - Wear baby in an infant carrier to mimic his "ride" in the womb. Or use a rocking bassinet, swing, or vibrating bouncer.
  • Get hands on - Gently massage baby's feet and legs with circular motions and work up to his tummy and chest. Finish by kneading down his arms.
  • Hold on - Hold him in a different position: over your shoulder, in the "football hold" (facedown across your forearm), or heart-to-heart (his head on your chest).

Source:- A Walgreens flier