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dummy games archive .

To analyze the games, download the pgn, open it in vim. Then copy paste the contents of the file into .

dummy 1

xboard command to analyze a chess game

rajulocal@hogwarts:~$ cd ~/chess; rm game.00* log.00* -f; xboard -fcp crafty -initialMode Analysis -lgf `ls -rt | tail -n1`

rajulocal@hogwarts:~/chess$ xboard --version
xboard version 4.7.3

dummy 2

To login into FICS using xboard

Create a ~/.icsrc file with first two lines being username and password. Set the permissions so others won't be able to take a peak at your credentials.

$ chmod 600 .icsrc

Having this file automates the login process. Otherwise, you will have to enter the username and password manually everytime.

$ rlwrap xboard -ics -icshost

rlwrap is used to get the command line history when working on the FICS. You can also use the ICS Input Box (under the view menu of xboard).


dummy 3

FICS and xboard

To play a game

getgame f

To check if you are watching any games

getgame ?

To remove all your ads



dummy 4

Sample ~/.icsrc file

rajulocal@hogwarts ~ % cat -n ~/.icsrc | tail -n +3
     4  # default formula
     5  # set formula (blitz || standard) && !abuser
     7  set f1 (blitz) && (!abuser && !computer && registered) && (rated)  # type of game and opponent
     8  set f2 (ratingdiff < 200) && (ratingdiff > -200)                   # opponent rating
     9  set f3 (rating < 1400)                                             # opponent rating
    10  set f4 (time == 10 && inc == 0)                                    # time and increment
    12  set formula f1 && f3 && f4
    14  # to automatically store the game in pgn format and have it emailed
    15  set pgn 1
    16  set automail 1
    18  # turn off any sounds
    19  set bell 0
    21  set notakeback 1

The first two lines contain username, password to login into FICS. So I am not showing them.

rajulocal@hogwarts ~ % ls -al ~/.icsrc; md5sum ~/.icsrc
-rwx------ 1 rajulocal rajulocal 608 Nov  8  2015 /home/rajulocal/.icsrc*
3c7cbd28e945b0f6c6ee7dd08a46e0fe  /home/rajulocal/.icsrc

rajulocal@hogwarts:~$ xboard --version
xboard version 4.8.0

  configure options: prefix=/usr; datarootdir=/usr/share; datadir=/usr/share; gamedatadir=/usr/share/games/xboard; 
 desktopdir=/usr/share/applications; mimedir=/usr/share/mime/packages; iconsdir=/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps;
 svgiconsdir=/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps; infodir=/usr/share/info; sysconfigdir=; update_mimedb=yes;
 NLS=yes; GKT=no; Xaw3d=no; Xaw=yes; ptys=pipes; zippy=yes; sigint=yes

dummy 5

Read about "Fishing Pole" opening, Budapest Defense.

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