Chrome notes

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favorite configuration on desktop

restore previous session

Settings -> On startup -> Manage on startup pages -> Pages to open on startup -> check "Continue where you left off"


chrome://settings/startupUrls -> Manage on startup pages -> Pages to open on startup -> check "Continue where you left off"

disable notifications

  • chrome://settings or Menu -> Settings
    -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings ->
    • Location -> "Do not allow any site to track your physical location"
    • Notifications -> "Do not allow any site to show notifications"

disable video auto play

  • Disable automatic playing of videos on using this extension. Once the extension is installed, hide the icon in the toolbar by right clicking on it -> select "Hide in Chrome menu".

Show the bookmarks toolbar

Settings -> Appearance -> Show bookmarks bar -> slide right

Set chrome as default web browser

Settings -> Default browser -> make chrome the default

show home button

Settings -> Appearance -> Show Home button -> slide it right.

Set the home page to which is a search engine similar to Google but respects your privacy.


set up custom search engines

Right click in the address bar -> Edit search engines
preferences button -> Settings -> Settings -> Search -> Manage search engines
Add a new search engine Keyword URL with %s in place of query wiki rwiki

To access the search engines, enter the keyword in the address bar and press tab.

Another easy way to add a custom search engine is to go to the website, right click on the search bar -> select "Add as search engine..." -> edit the fields if necessary -> ok

Manage passwords

Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Passwords and forms -> Manage passwords

Blocking ads

  • uBlock Origin. It was mentioned in

sort after

save pdf files instead of opening them directly

    Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and security ->
    Content Settings -> PDF documents ->
    Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome -> turn on
    Settings -> Advanced -> Downloads ->
    Ask where to save each file before downloading -> turn on

Useful links

  • chrome://settings/syncSetup - to sync passwords across chrome sessions over different machines

Open multiple websites in chrome