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favorite configuration

git bash colors in conemu

    Settings -> Features -> Colors -> Schemes -> <xterm> -> Save settings

run git bash terminal

step 1: git bash set up

    task name = Bash::Git bash
    Default task for new console = check
    Taskbar jump lists = check
    Default shell (Win+x) = check
    Task parameters: leave empty
    "%ProgramFiles%\Git\git-cmd.exe" --no-cd --command=usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i

step 1 (old, deleteafter): Add a task

    Right click on the window title bar -> Settings -> Startup -> Tasks
    click the '+' button
    Set the title to Git
    Default task for new console -> check
    Task parameters = /DIR "C:\Users\kkusuman"
    Commands - "C:\Program Files\Git\Git Gui\bin\bash.exe" --login -i
    Move the {Git} task to the top by repeatedly clicking on the "Up" button
    Save settings

In the above, change the title, start directory, bash path accordingly.

step 2: Set up "git bash" like colors

step 3: Auto restore previous session

    In the Settings window ->
    Startup -> Auto save/restore opened tabs -> select -> Save settings

step 4: unbind ctrl-v

By default ctrl-v is bound to "Paste first line of clipboard contents, autoconvert paths for cygwin's appllications (ignored in Far)". This messes up with vim which uses ctrl-v to enter into visual mode.

    Settings -> Keys & Macro -> unbind Ctrl-v

start git bash on start up

    Settings -> Startup -> Specified named task -> {Bash::Git bash} -> Save settings

auto restore current working directory

Add the following lines to ~/.bashrc

    if [[ -n "${ConEmuPID}" ]]; then
      PROMPT_COMMAND='ConEmuC -StoreCWD'

Tested with: conemu build 151101, git bash 2.18.0, Windows 7.

Solution is specific to | conemu + git bash + win 7 . For other configurations, see

See also :-

tags | auto save, restore, preserve current working directory after restarting a conemu session

font size

    Settings -> Main -> 
    font = Consolas
    size = 11

This gives the same font size as that of default git bash.


attach and detach terminals

To detach a 'git bash' session

    Right click on the tab -> Close or kill -> choose either Unfasten or Detach

Unfasten will move the 'git bash' session to a new conemu window. Detach will just detach the 'git bash' session from the conemu.

To fasten an unfastened session, first detach it

    Right click on the tab -> Close or kill -> Detach

and then attach it back

    Go to the original conemu session (the one where the terminal was unfastened from) -> right click -> Attach to -> select the appropriate entry

useful keyboard shortcuts

  • move to next tab - win+shift+q, previous tab - win+q
  • new console tab - win+x
  • rename tab - apps+r
  • move tab to right - win+alt+right, to left - win+alt+keft
  • move between tabs - ctrl+tab

block selection in vim

Use ctrl+shift+v instead of the usual ctrl+v to select a block of text.