Coordinates of an element in a csv file

From raju


The idea here is to find the column name and row numbers of a given set of values in a csv file.

For example, if we have a csv file

    $ cat -n tests/data/marks.csv
         1     Name,  Age,     City,  Marks
         2     jack,   34,   Sydney,    155
         3     Riti,   31,    Delhi,    177
         4     Aadi,   16,   Mumbai,     81
         5    Mohit,   31,    Delhi,    167
         6    Veena,   81,    Delhi,    144
         7  Shaunak,   35,   Mumbai,    135
         8    Shaun,   35,  Colombo,    111

and given a set of values [31, 81, 'Veena'] we want to output

    row, col, value
    6,  Name, Veena
    3,   Age,    31
    5,   Age,    31
    6,   Age,    81
    4, Marks,    81


    $ tests/data/marks.csv 31 81 Veena

where is a python script I wrote. It can be found in

code snippet

/* Only showing the main stuff here. See the actual script for the complete implementation */

    def get_col_rows(df, values):
        rownum = 'rownum0'    # this column should not exist in the dataframe
        masked = df[df.isin(values)]
        masked[rownum] = np.arange(2, len(masked)+2)    # row number in the csv file
        result = masked.melt(id_vars=rownum, var_name='column').dropna()\
        return result



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