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favorite configuration

    git config "Kamaraju S. Kusumanchi"
    git config

For ssh keys

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

Add the key to ssh-agent

    ssh-agent -s
    ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

To copy the key

    clip < ~/.ssh/

ssh key fingerprint

    ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -E md5

regenerate private key from public key

    ssh-keygen -y -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

repository url

Sample repository url<user>/<project>.git<user>/<project>.git

create first page<user>/<project>/new/master

zip archive of a repo

Add /archive/ to the end of a repo's URL. For example

Add table of contents to mediawiki files

To add the table of contents to a mediawiki file of a project wiki, use


See for an example.

useful links

Useful github repos

  • - uses "pip install -r requirements.txt" in .travis.yml and the requirements.txt has lines that specify the minimum required versions of a package (ex:- pandas >= 0.19.0)

Check later

Sort later

  • github hosts 78 million Git repositories.


my github stars

missing features

change remote's url from https to ssh

    git remote set-url origin

For example

    git remote set-url origin


specify tab space width

Add ?ts=N to the URL. For example will display tabs as 4 spaces wide and will display them as 8 spaces wide.

github markdown notes

  • comments
    blah blah
  • headings
    ### is bigger than #####
  • quoting
    blah blah


    `blah blah`
  • click and expand
      <summary>Click to expand</summary>

tags | collapsible

See for an example.

download a single file

    curl -O


Example: The pdf version of OpenIntro Statistics 4th edition book is located at . I downloaded it using

    curl -O

nbviewer links


For example

Use case:

Some times github shows the following error when trying to display an ipython notebook

    Sorry, something went wrong. Reload?

A workaround is to use

searching code

search in a particular file

search python files



search my repositories


tags | author

search by file extension


tags | search files with an extension

remove results from a user


useful links