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favorite gmail configuration

do not show signature.asc

tags | disable signature.asc

Settings -> Display density -> Compact -> ok


keyboard shortcuts

Advance search

  1. Example
is:unread after:2010/01/01 before:2011/01/01 

will search for all unread emails sent after 12:00 AM (or 00:00) 2010-01-01 and before 2011-01-01. Emails from 2011-01-01 are not shown.


advance to next message after delete

  • Settings -> Labs -> Auto-advance -> Enable -> Save Changes
  • Settings -> General -> Auto-advance: -> Select "Go to the next (newer) conversation" -> Save Changes

list all emails

    Settings -> Labels -> All Mail -> show

tags | all mail folder missing

missing features

I can't find a way

  • to sort search results by sender.

last checked | 2020-08-11

Sample use case: search for something in the spam folder and sort the results by sender to quickly weed out unwanted results.

Google calendar

missing features

  • No way to show rolling seven days. The closest I could find is a weekly view with a customizable start day.
  • No way to enter strike through text in the event description.


use html5 instead of flash

  • Go to and set YouTube's HTML5 player to be used wherever possible. This setting is stored in a cookie.

Search related

Submit URLs to search indices

search strings



google voice

old versions

Decrypt a google search results link

verbatim search

Search for something and then click Tools -> Verbatim to show results that exactly match.

Alternatives to google search

Alternatives to google products

  • google images -,,

Currently no alternatives for

  • youtube, maps, android
  • google adwords - ??


exclude from searches

  • finance realted -
  • iphone issues -
  • - google search history

location history