Journal entries year 2017

From raju


Came to know about a new word called "transclusion". The idea behind it is to "include" one mediawiki page into another. The edits from the source page "flow through" to the target page automatically. The idea is pretty common, but I did not know that there is a technical word for it.

More details at


As we age, the body accumulates what are known as "senescent" cells. By killing them using genetic engineering techniques, scientists were able to extend the life of mouse by 25%. They plan to use these findings to develop medicines that could delay aging in humans! Pretty cool stuff!


Hamsini usually gets to watch cartoons on phone during the meals. The other day Santhi noticed that she has been on the phone for a while and asked her to put it away. Without skipping a beat and eyes glued onto the screen she said "అమ్మా! అన్నం పెట్టేయి... ఆకలేస్తంది"!


Respect! Every time I read something about him, I admire him even more! I hope they include a chapter about him in text books so children would know what it takes to be a true hero!


git branches are awesome!


My daughter dancing impromptu to a song -


Please do not consume coconut oil. It is not good for health. It is shown to increase LDL cholesterol, a cause of CVD. The results are statistically significant in 6 out of 7 trials.

The American Heart Association recently put out a press release on this: . Click on the "Download PDF" button and read the "coconut oil" section in page-13.


"హంసీ, నువ్వు పొద్దున్నే ఎందుకు లెగట్లేదే? స్కూల్‌కి లేట్ అయిపోతుంది." ప్రశాంతి అడిగింది.

"మరి, అమ్మమ్మ ఇంట్లో నువ్వు లెగిచావా?" ఇండియాలో తను చూసింది గుర్తుతెచ్చుకుంటూ హంసిని సమాధానం.


Brilliant ad -


నిన్న రెస్టారెంట్లో లంచ్ చేస్తున్నప్పుడు...

"అమ్మా! నేను రైమ్స్ చూడనా?"

"అమ్ములూ, ఇప్పుడు మనం బయటున్నాం కదా! అలా ఎప్పుడు పడితే అప్పుడు రైమ్స్ చూస్తాననకూడదు. ఎప్పుడైనా బోర్ కొట్టినప్పుడు అడగాలంతే. ఫస్ట్ నీ ఫుడ్డంతా ఫినిష్ చెయ్యి!"

"ఓకే, మోమీ!"

ఒక 10 సెకండ్స్ తర్వాత, "అమ్మా! నాకు చాలా బోర్ కొడుతోంది."




Why you weigh less in the morning compared to night? It is not because the mass is converted to "energy" or "heat". Neither “energy” nor “heat” have atomic mass. This video explains it (start from 5:15) -


Today we went to a Garba dance party. It was pretty awesome!