Pip notes

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pip cache

install a package without using the cache, just for this run.
pip install --no-cache-dir <package>
configure pip to not use the cache "globally" (in all commands)
pip config set global.cache-dir false
remove all wheel files related to matplotlib from pip's cache.
pip cache remove matplotlib
clear all files from pip's cache.
pip cache purge
pip cache directory
pip cache dir

Availability: {'pip cache': 'pip >= 20.1', 'pip config': 'pip >= 10.0', '--no-cache-dir': 'pip >= 6.0'}


upgrade pip

    python -m pip install --upgrade pip

reinstall an existing package

    pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall <package>

search exact match

    pip search $pkg |& grep "^$pkg ("

tags | search available versions


    Default behaviour:
      $ pkg=fastavro
      $ pip search $pkg
      fastavro-codecs (0.1.0.dev0)  - Fastavro codecs.
      fastavro (0.22.3)             - Fast read/write of AVRO files

    When the results are grepped:

      $ pip search $pkg |& grep "^$pkg ("
      fastavro (0.22.3)             - Fast read/write of AVRO files


Easy Install is deprecated. Do not use it. Use pip instead.

Ref:- https://setuptools.readthedocs.io/en/latest/easy_install.html

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