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In the remmina window

  • click on "Toggle dynamic resolution update" to make the remote screen fill all the available space.
  • click on "Grab all keyboard events" for alt tabbing
  • click on "Toggle fullscreen mode" for fullscreen

To disconnect, click on the "disconnect" icon.

Alt+click mapping

If you are running KDE on the home machine, disable the alt+click mapping .

    K Menu -> System Settings -> Window Management -> Window Behavior ->
     Window Actions -> Inner Window, Titlebar & Frame ->
     set Alt + Left button to Nothing -> Apply

The problem is that Alt+click is used to move a window in KDE (Alt+<Left mouse button> and drag mouse) and to enable/disable breakpoints in Pycharm. So, when I used remmina to remote into a windows PC, I was not able to enable/disable the break points in pycharm as alt+click is captured by KDE.

    % dpkg -l remmina | grep ^ii
    ii  remmina        1.3.3+dfsg-2 amd64        GTK+ Remote Desktop Client

Right control key

    Preferences or Ctrl+p
    -> Keyboard
      -> Host key -> Set it to <None>
      -> Grab keyboard -> Set it to <None>


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