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LA Fitness in Paramus

MobaXterm vs SuperPutty

Item MobaXterm SuperPutty
versions compared Personal Edition v7.3 Version
Importing Putty Sessions Imported only the first 13 putty sessions Was able to import all the putty sessions.
I had 35 putty sessions when I tested this functionality.

TigerVNC vs TightVNC

Item TigerVNC TightVNC
back ground forked from TightVNC in 2009
Latest release date 2016-09-08 2013-07-24

I am using TigerVNC instead of TightVNC.

VIMperator Iceweasel plugin

  • Ability to open/close/scroll websites using just keyboard without using mouse is awesome.
  • Found it difficult to use on websites such as facebook
  • Would like to have the ability to disable it on a specified list of websites but enable it on the rest. Something similar to what adblock does currently.

gitlab vs sourceforge

Item gitlab sourceforge
Private repositories Yes No
Edit and commit files via web Yes No

BB10 os on BlackBerry Z10


  • Unable to edit the documents in google drive through the web browser. Is there a work around? What about other cloud storage programs such as drobbox?

Confluence WYSIWYG editor

Missing feature

  • No sectional editing capability.
    Sectional editing refers to the ability to edit only one section without having to edit the entire wiki page. This is a very useful feature when working with large wiki pages. The issue was reported on 2006-04-12 but is not fixed even after 9 years (last checked 2015-09-01). Other wiki software (ex:- mediawiki used by wikipedia) has had it for a long long time.

Machine Learning Foundations course on Coursera

real estate listing websites

  1. Trulia

The search results are mixed with advertisements. For example, if I search for a home in city X, it will show results from city Y where the latter is an advertisement. I found it very annoying and stopped using their site unless necessary.

  1. Estately

The search results show "pending sales" irrespective of whether that setting is on or off in "Listing type" -> "Include homes pending sale". This is very annoying.