Why notes

From raju

Why zsh

  • The tab completion entries are cleared after successful tab completion.

Ref: https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2015/01/msg00387.html

  • ability to remove old duplicates from the history file.

Ref:- http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Doc/Release/Options.html

AFAIK this is not possible in bash but can be done in tcsh.

Why I shifted to zsh from tcsh

tcsh does not have any support for functions. But zsh does. Since I use functions extensively in shell scripts, I started using zsh over tcsh from 2015-01-09.


Why I shifted to zsh from bash

When doing tab completion, zsh can list files in the order they were created/modified. Currently this is not possible in bash. Tested this on zsh (5.0.7-5), bash (4.3-11).


Why 64 bit applications


  • The 64 bit architecture allows applications to utilize more memory (> 4GB), and use newer and faster CPU instruction sets.


  • The same data occupies more space in memory (due to longer pointers and possibly other types, and alignment padding).

32-bit vs 64 bit processors

  • A 64-bit processor performs best with 64-bit software.
  • A 64-bit processor has backward compatibility and will handle most 32-bit software.
  • A 32-bit processor is not compatible with 64-bit software.


Why konsole

  • you can open a link directly from konsole. Just right click on the link -> select "Open Link". It will open in konqueror.

Why okular

  • You can copy paste the text from pdf to a text file in 3 different ways - rectangular selection (ctrl+3), normal text selection (ctrl+4), tabular selection (ctrl+5). The last one is incredibly useful when copying data from tables.