Zim notes

From raju

My configuration

    Edit -> Preferences -> Editing -> Automatically turn "CamelCase" words into links -> uncheck

Starting zim in windows

For 0.68

    $ cat ~/Desktop/zim.bat
    "C:\Users\kkusuman\Desktop\Zim Desktop Wiki Portable\zim.exe"

Then double click the zim.bat icon on the desktop.

Old instructions:

<Todo:- Add the version number if this is still relevant or delete this entry>

Create a batch file, zim.bat

start \Path\to\Zim\ZimDesktopWikiPortable.exe --standalone

Call it as something like zim.bat . Now open windows explorer and type the path of the batch script in the address bar. This will launch zim.

navigate to a page

  • <Ctrl><Space> <Ctrl>f

How it works: <Ctrl><Space> - switch to the side pane <Ctrl>f - Search in the page list


  • <Control><Space> shortcut has to be enabled the very first time.
 Edit -> Preferences
 -> Use <Control><Space> to switch to the side pane -> Check

scroll bar

I found that the scroll bar stops working intermittently. To work around this, try scrolling right on the scroll bar. Once this is done, the scroll bar works both on the scroll bar and on the window.

table of contents plugin

My favorite configuration

  • Position in the window: Left Side Pane
  • uncheck - Show Toc as floating widget instead of in sidepane
  • check - Show the page title heading in the ToC