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shower liner

Wal-Mart has a variety in which the shower liner is treated with an agent to protect it from mildew. It is little bit costlier compared to their cheapest alternative but probably worth the price.

One such product:

  • Shower Liner - $8, Heavyweight, Better homes & gardens, 70 in x 72 in, treated with mildew protecting agent, suction cups, weighted hem, rust resistant grommets, reinforced top hem, made of 100% peva.

advice to first time home purchaser

  • Put at least 20% down. Otherwise, you have to pay mortgage insurance which is a waste of money.
  • Open every window. Try every faucet. Flip all the light switches. Open every cabinet. Be nosier! You’re buying someone else’s problems!
  • Flush the toilets. Look up on ceilings and corners for water spots = leaky roof.
  • Do not get emotionally attached and overbid. You can find something better!
  • Have reputable plumbing company camera and inspect the sewer lines.
  • Don't focus on items that can easily be fixed - faucet leaks, paint colors, installing fans.
  • Focus on items that cannot be fixed - Traffic, school district, neighbors, slope of the land, yard size, major house foot print, neighborhood amenities, community, distance to things.
  • Get the fireplace inspected.
  • Drive by the house you like at multiple times of the day to get a feel for the neighborhood.
  • Get an inspection.
  • Drive by the house after a good storm.
  • Avoid septic tanks if possible.
  • Have the seller buy you a one year home warranty as part of the deal.
  • Make a list of what you own. Then make sure that there is a place to put it all.
  • Be patient. Be prepared to walk away.
  • Make sure your contracts have contingency for inspection.
  • Only buy a house with a roof less than 10 years old and a newer AC system. Also make sure the foundation is good. Those are three of the biggest possible things that can haunt you.
  • Decide what you can spend monthly. Then break the mortgage, insurance, likely utilities and all the taxes down and THEN decide on your price range. Don’t base it off your pre approval.
  • Run water taps to check for pressure levels. Run shower hot water and flush nearby toilet to check for scalding. Open all closet doors. If possible go in attic to check for insulation Check electrical panel. It’s best to hire a home inspector but that profession is not regulated. Keep that in mind.
  • Be weary of fresh paint on ceilings. Look for water marks from leaks. Take a good look at roof.
  • Doesn’t hurt to do a sex offender check of the neighborhood as well.
  • Get annual expenses for utilities from power, gas and water companies.
  • Get a home inspection
  • Meet the neighbors before you buy. Nothing worse than neighbors you don’t like.
  • Look at the house in the daytime, night and during weekends. Ex:- A neighbor might leave a side light on all the time that glares into your window.

factors to consider

Square footage, hardwoord or carpet, Washer / Dryer included?, blinds included?, walk up or elevator, basement / extra storage, closet space, open parking or garage?, school ratings, how far are the schools, where does the school bus come?, commuting options,