Mr notes

From raju

My initial setup

Checkout the code.

debian@mercury:~$ mkdir -p ~/work/joeyh
debian@mercury:~$ cd ~/work/joeyh

debian@mercury:~/work/joeyh$ git clone
Cloning into 'myrepos'...

debian@mercury:~/work/joeyh$ cd myrepos
debian@mercury:~/work/joeyh/myrepos$ ls
debian  doc  GPL  lib  Makefile  mr  mrconfig  mrconfig.complex  README  webcheckout

where mercury is my host name and debian is my user name.

Set up the PATH by adding the following to ~/.bashrc

# for mr
export PATH=$HOME/work/joeyh/myrepos:$PATH

Log out and log back in for the PATH to take effect.

Add the following to ~/.mrconfig (create if the file does not exist)

git_up = 
           git stash -q || true
           git pull --rebase
           git stash pop -q 2>/dev/null || true

checkout = git clone '' 'myrepos'

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